Well, today’s challenge is all about those pesky embarrassing moments. I honestly can think of only a few, but I’m sure there are more.

Grade School – things that should have embarrassed me, but didn’t

  • 1st grade: I was wearing my red dress like the one Daddy Warbucks gave to little orphan Annie. I was wearing cute little white anklet socks and shiny black shoes. It was show and tell day. I skipped up to the front of the classroom, gave a twirl or two, curtsied, then said, “I’m wearing Wonder Woman Underoos and I love them.” By that time everyone had had a peak at my underoos from my twirling. This skirt made a perfect circle at my waist when I spun around. Perfection! 
  • 1st grad: I kissed the elbow of the boy I had a crush on. His name is Paul and he was tall. I could only reach his elbow at the drinking fountain.

Middle School

  • Walking along the beach in the middle of the night, or at least very late at night, with some boys my friend Tanya and I met at a Thousand Trails: I tripped because it was dark. I said, “I’m such a slut.” Nobody says a word. The nice boy I’m with says, “I think you mean klutz.” I had to think about it and then I died a thousand deaths right there in Pacific City. 


  • While at the mall with friends from my youth group and our leader, Teresa, I was staring at the totally gorgeous boy at the check out in a clothing store when I ran into someone. Turning toward this person, I said, “Oh, sorry, OH OH, I’m…uh….” I look at the boy, he looks at me…I had just run into a pillar that had mirrors. I was apologizing to my reflection. 
  • My sweet friend Andy came up to me from behind wrapping his jacket around my waist. I looked at him weird and he just said, “I’ll give you a ride home so you can change.” I didn’t know what he was talking about and probably told him such. I remember him looking me in the eye and saying, “You are wearing white pants. You need to go home to change. I will take you.” OH MY GOSH!!!!! Seriously!!!!!! That was probably the last time I ever wore white pants. I was horrified. He never mentioned it.
  • Summer camping with the youth group. I had met a super cute boy from California earlier that summer. Quiet. Strong. Eyes blue like the tropical sea. We swam in the ocean. Oh wait, no, I didn’t swim. I was dragged out into the ocean and couldn’t swim to save my life. He rescued me. For reals! Then I show him my appreciation by picking up “dead” baby jellyfish on the beach and putting one on his chiseled pec. [I don’t know that it was chiseled, actually.] The jellyfish stung him. He forgave me by taking me on motorcycle ride on the beach. He didn’t end up marrying me when we grew up. He was probably afraid I’d kill him.

Grown up

  • Hmmm, none of the ways I have been embarrassed as a grown up is appropriate to share and it happens WAY  more often than it should. I’ll open the door right open and hold up a sign that says, “Look, I just did something stupid, please take advantage of that.”
  • Last staff meeting I was very embarrassed. Enough that I actually turned red, stammered, then just shut my mouth.

So, stories of embarrassment  that are shareable aren’t really that funny unless you were there, but darn it, I committed to blogging every day in May.

In other news:

  • Christopher goes to his first prom tomorrow. We picked out his tux the other day and I couldn’t believe it. How did we get here? 
  • Tomorrow we’re going on a hike that I won’t actually get to finish because it’s 7  miles and I have to get back to make sure Christopher gets to his prom date’s house on time and I’ll need to take pictures, of course.
  • I just about fell asleep at my computer just now.