It’s hard to look through years of blogs to find your favorites. There are just SO many. Some made me sad and some made me glad and some made me very very mad. Just kidding about that mad part, but it just flowed out of me.

1. Living Life – Written in a very low time in my life. Low as in turned upside down. It is so obvious to me that God has been so good to always surround me with incredibly loving people.

2. My Birthday Boy – My Christopher tured 13. He’s only a couple of weeks away from turning 17. SEVENTEEN!!!! He is growing into such an amazing young man. It is easy to see his shortcomings and fear for the days to come. Then something will remind me of how great he is. I won’t write more now, I might cry.

3. Levi – My dear sweet all-grown-up nephew. In a moment that has changed our lives. I begged God to spare Levi’s life. I sit here, 3 doors down from my my nephew, and I am moved to tears. So very grateful for the life he has been given. Not only did you let us keep him, you blessed us all with a new baby. 13 months after the tragedy came the most beautiful baby girl. She was here for awhile tonight. We snoozed on the couch together. I wouldn’t let anyone else hold her. When she woke, she turned to me and smiled. Oh, and today, she reached out her arms to my Christopher. He’s the first one she’s ever done that to.

Enjoy reading, if you do. But mostly treasure the moment you’re living. I don’t mean you have to enjoy every moment. Sometimes they’re pretty crappy.