In my last post I posed a question of whether I was Brave or Crazy. I don’t think the 2 have to be mutually exclusive, though.

My brain is mush today. There are a few things I want to say about the hike, though.

  • I’m glad I did it.
  • I was very determined on the way to the falls.
  • My friends Kyle and Erica stuck with me even when I was at a snail’s pace. I felt well cared for and confident that no harm would come to me.
  • My friend Sarah had messaged me the day before the hike. Her words kept playing in my head. Thank you, my friend.
  • This is the hardest thing I had ever done, up to that point.
  • My joints in my feet and ankles still hurt.
  • The next morning I woke up thinking of overnight hikes, then quickly shook those thoughts out of my head.
  • I learned some things about myself that I can’t quite put into words yet.
  • Lennox. What can I say? I was starting to have a breakdown toward the end. Kyle and Erica only left me when they knew Lennox was going to stick with me. I saw the look on Erica’s face. I’m not sure what my face looked like. He stuck with me. Right by my side in those moments that I was going to fall apart.
  • Chani. She wasn’t there, but I texted her all day even though I didn’t have service. I kept her updated. I even had Lennox take a “last moments” video in case I died. I laughed through it.
  • I have good people in my life that stick to me and encourage me right in the moment when I need them.

Here are some pictures. They’re from my iPhone and it was hard to see the screen so some aren’t as good as I had hoped.

I'm trying to look taller here! This is before the hike began.
I’m trying to look taller here! This is before the hike began.

IMG_2622 IMG_2624 IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2632 IMG_2633 IMG_2646

Finally made it to Tunnel Falls
Finally made it to Tunnel Falls


The photo above Lennox and I doesn’t even begin to represent what I was trying to capture. We decided to take a “short cut”. It was AWESOME and difficult, but so FUN!!!! It was pretty steep and I kept sliding back. Kyle, however, is pretty much like a gazelle. He got up it so gracefully and wasn’t even out of breath!

I don’t think I’m up for  a long hike within the next week, but I will tell you that something did change for me that I will share right now. No more excuses. I don’t want to hear them from you, my kids, or even myself. That’s a post for another day.