Old friends. By old I don’t mean “elderly”. I mean the kind of friends you’ve had for 20 years or more. It is strange for me every time I realize that I’ve had friends that long. Does that mean I’m getting old? (You don’t have to answer that.)

Years ago, when we all lived in the same town and we all had little kids we’d have impromptu game nights. We played Settlers of Catan the most. It wasn’t even able to be found in stores at that time. We had to order it online because it wasn’t well known here yet.

Last night, we once again gathered for a game of Catan, but only this time it was Star Trek Catan. I love it, of course. It’s exactly like playing the basic Settlers, but more…um…well, Trekkie. I almost beat John, but he took my longest trade route (road) then built a starbase (city)! I am determined to get him next time!

Afterwards we relaxed while listening to John and Lennox  play music. Losing the game to John is not such a treasured moment, but listening to them and watching them play music is. It takes me back to a time years ago when we were all so young and didn’t have much to do. John and our friend, Rob, would play. We’d listen or join in the singing. I knew even then that those were the moments that I would look back on with fondness.

I have said many times here that I have amazing friends. It is true. I am so blessed in this way.

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