It’s Saturday.
My calendar says “Sabbath”.
My list says there’s a bunch of things to get done.
I lie in bed a little extra long so I don’t have to face the list. I want those things to get done.
I just don’t want to do them.
I tell the girls they don’t have to help me, but I have a plan for the day.

It’s just me and the girls today. The boys are away. The list is nagging at me.

I hear again: Sabbath

I know the danger of not resting. It brings ugliness. And migraines.

Today is a gift.
Me and my girls.

Change of plans, we’re heading out.

We head to the beach. We dine. We walk the beach. We come home and nap.

We watch American Idol.

They go to bed.

It’s been a good day.

Sabbath. IMG_3861

Happy girls. Even Ginger, our dog, is happy. She seemed to think that the beach is for dragging me around by her leash even when it wasn’t attached to her. She’d grab it in my hand and start running. One of us is a runner.