Sitting on the cold hard wood floor in a large room where cords and guitars hang on the wall I kept thinking, “I am a blessed woman” and “I’m the luckiest girl in the world”!

First, a little back story. Nearly 6 years ago I found myself in a dark place. I believed only a little and I slept many days away. Lennox would remind me of who I am, but more importantly who Christ is and who I am in Him. I had a hard time sleeping at night, though the day I slept just fine. So, I asked friends to pray and I created an 8 hour song list in iTunes that would play all night. One of those songs is titled “Wings” by Lennox.

So when your heart is broken
You can’t even breathe
Spirit is willing,
but you’re tired and weak
Don’t let yourself worry
Do not be afraid
Remember what He told you
Remember what he said…..

For the rest of that go over to Lennox’s site and follow along as the song gets recorded. Be one of the first to hear it in its completion.

So there I was, hearing a completely remaking of one of his old songs. A song that helped me hold on, it reminded me that God said I would fly on the wings of an eagle, walk and not faint. Rest on the Lord and He will renew my strength. That’s all I need to do. Rest. Simple, right?

So there Lennox was in the sound booth. I saw something incredible. I saw the Spirit of God flowing through him and speaking through him. This is what Lennox was made to do. Speak the heart of the Father through music. One day when we were talking about his latest project I saw a spark in him I’ve not seen for some time. There was light.

His voice is coming through the headphones and I’m remembering the woman I once was. Afraid. Worthless. Covered in shame. Unlovable. Frozen. So very broken and mostly convinced that I could never be not broken. Hopeless. I would’ve said I have hope because that’s what good Christians do. Now, who do I think I am? I think I am a pretty amazing piece of work. I really do, but it isn’t because of my own merit or goodness. God is good and His word is true. He changes lives. All I did was hang in there. I say “hang in there” as if it wasn’t work. It was hard work to just hang on sometimes, but it got easier because I got stronger.

All I know that there was a moment when Lennox was singing the bridge that something in that place changed. He looked different and sounded better. My heart got soft and tears came to my eyes. I nearly cried, like actually full on cried. I sat there looking down at the floor because this kind of softness is so new to me, I’m a little embarrassed by it.

I am so looking forward to the completion of this song. I don’t write about or promote Lennox because he’s my friend. I have lots of friends who are musicians that I don’t endorse. I like his music before I knew him as my friend.

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Check him out, tell him I sent you. Let’s follow his journey together. It’s going to be a great ride!