There I was, innocently perusing facebook when I saw a friend’s post about a live video that the Huffington post had just aired. Right away I shared and asked people to watch it. I know that people don’t understand when I’m trying to explain my kids’ behaviors. I wouldn’t have understood either. I continued to watch while multiple emotions washed over me. I relieved to be reminded that I’m not the only one. Then I cried because it’s not always a happy ending. I found myself thinking, “Oh, that happens here, too. Ok, it’s normal for them.” Then hating that there is a “them”, that it IS different no matter what I do. When the video ended I just sat at my desk and cried.

Please watch this 3o minute video. It briefly touches on what it’s like to live with children who have attachment disorder. Link below.

Raising a kid with reactive attachment disorder