It is a beautiful autumn day here in my small town. The skies opened up letting the rain fall on the first day of Autumn. Last night I woke several times listening to the rain come down. Somehow it comforts my soul. My heart feels as though it’s been split wide open. I am raw. Yesterday I kept thinking, “I am wrecked.” I didn’t mean it as something tragic, rather I saw it something beautiful in it.

Rain. Autumn. My favorite time of year. The leaves turn beautiful hues of gold and red. The nights turn cool, while the days stay warm. School has started again. I like the routine of it all, though I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

I wish I had a fireplace or wood stove. Today is a day I’d love to lie in a comfy bed reading a great book while being warmed by wood heat. That feels like rest to me.

I can’t get over the beauty of Autumn. It’s a huge burst of unspeakable beauty as leaves die and fall to the ground. It calms my heart. I would love nothing more than to go for a long walk in the woods with a good friend. Talking, not talking, I don’t care. I’d have my camera observing the life around me. I love the crunch and rustle of the leaves underfoot.

Healing. That’s what Autumn reminds me of.

Welcome the healing. Welcome the leaves falling to the ground. Maybe they’re in love with life and they know that for the tree to really live they must fall to the ground making room for the good things coming in the Spring.