Right now it’s bright and sunny. This morning it was cold and foggy. The leave will start falling; the ground will be littered in jewel tones of red and yellow. I’ll walk through the piles of dry leaves to hear them crunch beneath my feet. It will be glorious.

I want to sit near a window sipping a cup of tea. I’ll gaze out upon the golden field and dream. I’ll dip pen into ink & write in my journal. I’ll write of the days’ happenings and of my future dreams. The will be a chill in the air so a fire will be made for me in the fireplace. Food will appear when I am hungry. It will be quiet except for the scratching of my pen on paper.

The above is my dream. That scenario won’t happen, but I’m going to pretend it will. Those thoughts make me happy.

I’m turning 40 this month. I thought I’d be sad or scared or angry about it. So many people complain about aging. Personally, I’m thrilled. I feel like I’m finally becoming who I have been designed to be all this time. I feel like things are beginning to fall into place. I am feeling whole.

Is my life any different than it ever has been? Yes and no. Many of the circumstances haven’t changed, but I have changed.

I like who I am now.

Go outside and tell October welcome. It’s my happiest time of the year!