Sage: Mama, come out front please!
Me: Uh, why? [in a frightened tone of voice]
Sage: Just do it. I want to show you something. Close your eyes.

I walk out to the front porch then insist on on opening my eyes. Both he and Christopher are “helping” me out there and I am wary of their help.

What’s that? My beloved bike!?! WHAT????? He had fixed it up for me all on his own!

We then went on a very short bike ride. Ginger decided to come along. I don’t know what it is with riding the bike, but she turns into psycho dog. She jumps back and forth in front and on either side of the front tire LOUDLY and somewhat frantically barking. I was afraid she’d get hurt because she’d run a circle around me with cars coming from all directions. Also, I really didn’t want to run over her leg and then have a vet bill.

When I was young I was in a very bad bike wreck. I still have some anxiety over that. I didn’t know that I did. I mean, I rode bikes for YEARS after that even though I was scared. I wanted to keep up with my friends. As I was riding up and down the hills around my house I kept thinking, “I’m not wearing a helmet. Oh, I like this shirt. What if I rip up my jeans? Does it hurt more to skid down a hill than it did when I was kid?” I went home shortly after that. I’ll ride my bike to the gym in the morning if it is light enough. I need to replace some reflectors and I should get a helmet, my brain is rare and precious.

It was just yesterday that I was saying I need a bike. I’ll still need a different bike for what I’d like to do, but this one is good for around town. I’m so THRILLED to have her back. The brand of the bike is Free Spirit. As I was riding her I thought that her name should be “Susie” or maybe “Suzie”….maybe “Sally”? I don’t know yet. I’ll have to ride her more.

my bike