A year ago I wrote about the idea of Sabbath rest. It’s the day I said, “Scrap The List; Live A Little“. Funny thing is that the girls and I went to the beach that day. I’ve been thinking of the beach a lot lately, we may head west later today!

Each Friday evening I begin winding down for the week. I have this idea that I’ll have the major cleaning done so the weekend is merely maintenance. Sometimes that happens, other times not so much. Guess what? That’s ok.

Over the past year I’ve learned that it’s not so much about what is happening around me, but rather my heart condition. Am I allowing myself to feel anxious? Why am I suddenly angry? How could that have been prevented? Actually, I have been asking myself, “What could I have done to prevent this frustration I’m feeling right now?” Often I can pinpoint it within seconds and decide how I’ll do it differently next time. The challenge is remembering to do it before there is a next time.

Saturday morning I wake up and ask myself, “What will bring me peace today?” Sometimes it’s putting away all my clean laundry. I have this bad habit of letting it pile up in a basket and then sifting through it every day when my closet and dresser are empty. I usually find that frustrating. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to start my day feeling frustrated. How will that affect the rest of my day? I have a hard time letting go of the emotion even when the insignificant even is over.

Today I’ve chosen that doing my dishes and blogging will bring me peace. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal since 2009, I like to write in that every day, too. I’ve been working toward writing something down in the morning and in the evening. I’ve written more on that list in 10 days than I have for an entire month. I’m really enjoying this practice because it helps me to focus on the great things in my life. There are a lot of amazing people in my life that are part of this incredible story I get to live.

Saturday (3)Before I had the idea of going to the beach today I thought I’d plan the coming week. I like to write out my goals for the week and decide which days I’ll work on those. I’ll just say right now that I didn’t do several of the things on my list from last week so they’ll move ahead to this week. None of them were time sensitive so it’s not a point of stress. A couple of my goals did change this last week so I focused on those more. I have a better idea of how much I can do in this coming week with the goals and projects I’m working on, too.

One of my goals for the year is to read more. I LOVE reading! Back in April of last year I wrote about my love for books and showed you a picture of my new shipment of books. I haven’t read all of those yet, but I’ve collected a few more books. This is what’s on my reading shelf right now. Saturday (1)

Bible. I’ve been reading a few chapters a day. Sometimes only one, sometimes 10. It depends on what I’m feeling on that day, I guess. I want to be saturated by God’s word. I want to see Him and hear Him more clearly.

The 360° Leader by John C. Maxwell – I’m only a few pages into this book so I don’t have much to say about it.

Little Things Matter by W. Todd Smith – I heard about this book last week on one of Zurvita’s wake up calls. The chapter talked about that day is called, “The Dark Side of Sarcasm”. That one really touched home. I’ve decided to really dial back my sarcasm and instead find a kinder way to express what I want to say. Not only that, but I’ve started to look at the intent of my words. Is it to build someone up or tear them down? Is it helpful to them in any way?

Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere – I saw her at Women of Faith in early December. I’ll just be honest right now. I wanted to read her book because she talks about Sarah Connor from Terminator. Earlier in the year my friend had said that I reminded her of Sarah in Terminator 2 when she’s getting all buff. Sarah is very important to the future of mankind, but doesn’t know it yet. I’m really enjoying this book and am looking forward to seeing how it influences me in the coming months.

There are several things that happened over the past week that I’m excited about:

  • I got a new haircut and the stylist showed me how to easily style it so I’m not looking like a frizz head!
  • I faced some tough things and am still standing.
  • Business is going great.
  • I made a brand new 90 day challenge video! I had quit for a couple of months, but I’m back and I’m SO excited for you all to see it!

Tell me, how do you bring rest into your life and home when you feel like rest can’t be found? What are some things you learned over the past year that have improved your quality of life now?