Many of us despise it or at least don’t like it very much. I’m totally fine with Mondays, usually. Today it’s been more of a challenge to be productive. I texted a friend to say that every day I have mini-depressions that I have to pull myself out of. I think perhaps I was melodramatic in saying that. Maybe.

I have moments of  catastrophizing things. I’m getting better at not doing that. I recently had a few moments of doing so and asked my friend, “I’m being slightly unreasonable, aren’t I?” The answer was a simple, “yes”. Honest friends are a treasure. I mean that.

hairSunday started off wonderfully. I prepared breakfast the night before so that our morning would run more smoothly. (Stellar mom/home maker move right there.)

We head out to church, still a few minutes late because I tried to blow dry my hair! It didn’t look nearly as nice as when the hair dresser did it on Friday! I’m pretty sure I need to hire a professional to do my hair every single day.

I love walking into my church. There’s just something about it, I’m not even sure I can explain it. I’m beginning to feel connected to people there and am wanting to build relationship with them. I don’t want to just go to church each week and not know who the people are. I know I can’t have deep relationship with everyone there, but I want there to be some level of friendship. I’m finally learning that I need a tribe. I’ve always had a tribe, but I haven’t always reached out for help. I now have the desire to lock arms and walk this life with others. I don’t want to stand alone and look like I’m strong when really things are falling apart for me. I’ve walked that road, it’s not pretty.

I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I was disappointed in hearing my children bickering in that way where you know that they’re not going to stop. I was sitting at my table eating lunch and taking deep breaths, trying to figure out how to carry on the day peacefully. About that time I received a call and invitation to a friend’s house. Awesome! Chaos averted….or so I thought.

I will say that I am so sure I turned the stove top down. I had a chicken cooking in some broth. Only problem is that I came home a few hours and that was not the case. When I got out of my car I heard the smoke detectors so I ran to the door and clumsily unlocked it while calling for my dog, Ginger. She ran out as I ran into the house. The smoke was so thick and I’ll admit right now that maybe I 07should have waited. My only thought was to get that pot out of the house. We opened all the windows and got the fans going. I didn’t panic, but I wasn’t thinking clearly. I called a friend to come get the kids then I sat on the porch with Ginger. When asked if I had a plan for the night, I just shook my head. The kids and I spent the night at a friend’s house while my house aired out. We’re back home now and using diffusers with essential oil to clear the air. I’ll have some other cleaning to do to get our house smelling better, I’m sure.

I am so grateful that my house didn’t burn to the ground and that my animals are alive! 

I kept asking Ginger, “Are you ok? Can I do anything for you? Wanna snuggle?”  She said, “No, but don’t ever do that again and please don’t give me a bath.” I’ve gladly agreed to her demands.
burnt chicken

Here is what was supposed to be our chicken basil soup. I even bought fresh basil for it. I haven’t tried cleaning my pot, but I’m really hoping that it isn’t ruined. It’s one of those really nice enameled cast iron ones that are quite spendy. If the only thing I lost in that preventable mistake is my nice pot, then I’ve come out ahead.

In other news, I’m releasing a new video tomorrow! It’s the first one of 2015! Last year I did a 90 day challenge with weekly videos.

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