Today is the first day of the best month of the year. I love October. Today I see the tall green foliage of the trees gently sway. A bright blue sky creates the backdrop. The sun is warm and the breeze cool. It smells like autumn in Oregon out there. The leaves are turning hues of red, yellow, and orange before falling to the ground. To me, October is the gateway to the holiday season. Many people feel compelled to do a Spring cleaning to shake off Winter. I prefer to do an Autumn purging. I am itching to rearrange my house and purge. Let’s set out the candles and curl up with a good book.

For me, October starts a brand new year of possibilities. It happens to  be my birthday on the 12th of October. So when I think about purging my home, I’m also thinking about purging whatever it is in me that isn’t useful.

My life is an incredible journey. I look back over the last year and see how much has changed. I love it. I feel like I’m becoming more of me each day. I’ve lived many years disguising who I really am. We do that when we’re damaged. We begin to cover up who we really are trying to protect ourselves from getting hurt even more. Funny thing is that it doesn’t work.

The question that finds its way into the recesses of my mind is “Am I Enough?” The answer is a definite yes. I know that in my head on the days my challenges are few.

This is a picture of my little family; a cast of characters, if you will. That’s me on the left. Then there’s my firstborn son, Christopher. Next to him is his girlfriend, Winter. That little baby in her belly is baby Christopher. He was born on September 22 of this year and is the most handsome baby ever to be born! Slightly behind Winter is my son Sage and next to him is Ireland. One of my daughters is missing. I’ve written about her many times in the past. You’ll hear more about her and our story later in this series.

As I talk with more women I hear that question, “Am I Enough?” roll off their tongues, too. Sometimes it isn’t always said aloud, but it lingers in the air.

I am enough. You are enough. Let’s slay this giant together!

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