Only, I’m actually lying in bed and this picture was taken last week. 


Writing. Day 9 has been a struggle. The first week of a new habit is always a little easier. You’re eager and full of ideas. Then we turn a corner into week 2. The novelty of it has worn off. The real work begins.  I’m realizing that it’s time to start creating space in my day for writing just like I have for exercising.

All through junior high, high school, and into my twenties I was the queen of writing letters. I would have mail all the time! I loved writing so much that I would write rough drafts in pencil. I’d take time to edit them and then write my final draft in ink. Sometimes I would write a second draft before a final draft. I really enjoyed doing that. 

Then I married, had kids, and found technology that began to take the place of the hand written letter. I’ve noticed that I am lazier in my writing. I’ll write what’s on my mind and rely on spellcheck to correct me. I’ll quickly read through my post and deem it good enough before hitting the publish button. 

Here’s the problem. I keep waiting until the last hour or two to begin writing. Today I didn’t even put much bought into it as the day progressed. I didn’t know what to write when my friend laughed and said, “You already know what I think.” Yes. I do. Back when it was still morning he told me to write on procrastination. I laughed and refused. 

Ouch. Get out of my own way. Yep. We hold ourselves back, don’t we. I was concerned with writing the perfect word. Maybe perfectionism and procrastinate stick together. They’re the annoying best friends that hold hands and make everyone else feel like an outsider! 

In conclusion: 


Where are the areas in your life that you’re procrastinating? What will you change? 

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