My friend and I were taking about why I self-sabotage.  At first I said that I didn’t know, but it wasn’t true. I then gave 3 reasons: 

  1. I don’t deserve it. 
  2. What if I work for it and don’t get it?
  3. What if I get it and then lose it? 

Well, first of all, who am I to determine my worth? I think that a one of the major flaws in this Christian culture we’ve created is that we feel like we need to say, “Who am I but a worm? I deserve nothing. I’m a nobody and this big, all-powerful God has seen it fit to call me into His elite Kingdom.” It’s just not true. happyanimalsSee that Teddy Bear? Is he worth anything to you? His musicbox doesn’t work and he’s stained. A lot of his stuffing came out when I tried to fix him. He’s worth a lot to me, though. I’ve loved him for a long time. I get to put a value on his worth because he belongs to me. 


We belong to the Creator of this place. He has given us value. We are prized jewels. He loves us so much and considered us worthy of His son’s torturous death. 

So then, is it right for is to keep talking to ouselves negatively? 

Next, so what? If I shoot for the moon and last among the stars then I’ve done a great job. (That saying doesn’t make sense since the moon is closer to earth than the stars.) The idea is that we’ll be further along the path had we not started at all. 

Finally, losing what I’ve got. Will I find something good and totally screw it up? 

You know what? These are all based on fear. That’s it. 

How to counteract that fear? 

  1. Go to the Word of God! I like to read the Psalms. I have Proverbs 31 on my bedroom mirror so I see it every day. 
  2. Remind yourself  how far you’ve come compared to a year ago. 
  3. Sleep well. It’s important for our brain Heath! 
  4. Talk to myself differently. Be nice and kind, like when talking to a friend. 

What do you do to get yourself out of the funk?

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