Have you taken the time to look at your reflection today? Like, really look? 

I looked at mine today as I was winding down my day. I laughed and tried to joke about how ragged I look. I didn’t want to let that thought continue to form. Earlier today I made a comment to my friends about not having much to offer a future husband. I didn’t mean it the way it came out and I quickly explained what I meant. However, as I was studying my face in the mirror I realized that a small part of me does believe that. 

I don’t have long, shapely legs. My hair is frizzy. My eyes and lips are wonky and uneven. I can be moody and snippy. My body is soft and jiggly (fat).  I still can’t run a 5k without stopping. I don’t have much financially and it’s easy to mismanage money. I procrastinate. A lot. I also get scared sometimes. 

It’s so easy to see our own shortcomings, isn’t it? What would we see if we try looking at ourselves through someone else’s eyes? 

So I look a little longer at myself. My face is at peace. Stress and worry  no longer reside there. I once was a woman who was merely trying to survive this life of chaos. Now I’m a woman who is rising above it all. My skin is clear. My eyes are bright. I am loved. I am even cherished. I am a best friend to some and a great friend to many. When I smile at you I am genuinely happy to see you, even if I’ve never seen you before. I love well and care deeply about others. I’m as helpful as I can be. I am getting better at raising my kids and helping them heal. I love to write and take pictures. Both of those are a gift. God is expanding my vision in the area of business, ministry, and family. I have hope. I trust in God. 

I urge you friends, to look closely at yourself and describe what you see AND to hear who God says you are! 

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