It’s true. I got all the way to day 15 of the Write 31 Days challenge then I dropped the ball. I did write day 16. I just didn’t post it. I could say that it was just too hard for me to keep up with since I don’t have internet at home, but that’s not true. That’s merely an obstacle to worked around.

The truth is that I was tired of posting from my phone late at night and I wasn’t exercising the diligence to even thing about what to write earlier in the day. I had every intention of getting up early and just writing for the sake of writing and seeing what came of it. Intentions lead nowhere.


How humiliating. I’m writing a series on “Am I Enough?” and I totally bomb it. Day 16 was the day everything {would have} turned around. It was going from the ways you and I feel inadequate to how we’re not. I had plans to talk about what God says about us and what we can say about us, too. There’s lots of good stuff to say about this. I know we all deal with feeling of insecurity or not being enough. We’re all human, right?

So, yes, I dropped the ball. Yet, guess what? I’ve picked up that ball and I’m going for it.

I’m back. Here’s the beautiful thing. There’s always redemption. When we feel like we have wandered far from the path that leads us to God, all we have to do is stop and turn around. That’s it. So simple. He’s always ready. Our wanderings do not surprise God. He knew we’d do it and provided a way for us to go back.

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