Well, that’s a wrap you guys! Operation Christmas 2015 is in the books and I’d say it was a successful mission!

It was beautiful.

Lennox joined us in celebrating this year, but not simply as a guest. He’s part of our family now and we’re looking ahead of what family celebrations will look like. Winter and baby Christopher are also new additions to the family. I tell you, I have been given some incredible gifts in the form of people this year!

We ate. We laughed. We colored. We played with Legos. We watched the newest Star Wars. We played at a park. We at some more. We played Pie Face. I only did 2 rounds because I just couldn’t take the suspense! We celebrated for 3 days starting on Christmas Eve!

Our day was full of love. One of us even wistfully said, “This is the BEST Christmas ever!”

Oh child, and to think the best is yet to come. This is just the beginning. A brand new shiny beginning!