Spring officially begins on March 20th this year. Spring is one of my favorite seasons!

I live in the north western part of Oregon. It usually rains a lot here. Right this second it isn’t raining, but earlier today I could hear it pounding down on the roof. When I was a kid my parents used to say that if March came in like a lion it would go out like a lamb and vice versa. So, if it was a mild day on March 1, March 31 would greet us with a raging storm.

A memory came to me as I was writing. March also makes me think of kites. My dad would take me to the field across the street and show me how to fly a kite. I’m pretty sure he would’ve stood there for hours with me. Later, when it was just the two of us left at home, he’d take me to the beach where we would watch all the kites. We never went to a kite festival down there. I think he would have liked that very much.

March brings change.

The rains are now accompanied by breaks of bright sun. Robins begin to show up in force. My lawn suddenly needs a good mowing. That will happen as soon as it stops raining long enough to dry the weeds disguising themselves as a form of grass.

My daffodils have bloomed in force and are now on their way out. I loved walking out of my house each day to be greeted by such vibrant beauty. I now have several primrose plants I’ve received as gifts that need to repotted. They’ve been sitting in their original pots on my table for the past couple of weeks. They’re little reminders of a beautiful life.

A year ago I met a young woman that is now my daughter-in-law. That sounds so legal. I onced mocked when people would days “daughter-in-love” instead. However, I kind of like that term. I love her. She couldn’t be more perfect to be the wife of my son.

Christopher has enlisted in the US Army and will be shipping out to boot camp in Georgia later this month.

I’m in the midst of planning a going away party for him. Days later we will take him to Portland and enjoy our last moments before he leaves.


It occurs to me that I’ve never been apart from him for very long. This is part of our growing up. I’m proud of him.

I love you son, I’m excited for your journey!