What glorious days we are having! The weather has been warm these past couple of days. When mom and dad came over yesterday they talked of the lovely weather and how they are now warm. Tomorrow it will dip down into the 60’s. They’ll wear layers of clothes to keep warm.

Joy abounds as we gather for a meal made by Lennox. I brought Winter and baby Christoper over so we could have a family meal. I arrived home to find Dusty had also stopped by for a visit. Hugs and smiles were abundant through out the evening.

_MG_0486Baby Christopher keeps us all entertained simply by his eager exploration of all that’s around him! At first he wasn’t too fond of our dog, Ginger. She’s quite a bit bigger than the dog he’s used to. Just look at his face as he looks at great grandma! I wonder what he’s thinking!

We fed him farm fresh strawberries and freshly whipped cream. He loved it! He just kept chomping down on those strawberries. I love being a grandma so much! It isn’t so much that I’m thrilled to have another baby in my life. I also love the relationship I have with my daughter-in-law, Winter.

My wedding is getting nearer and I know there’s lots of things not ready. I have spent today chilling out with Ireland, cleaning, and reading. I find it hard to believe that a week from today I will be married.