It’s the day we celebrate being married for 2 full months.

It’s also the day we welcome our Zurvita team to Dallas, Texas for the 2016 Zurvita National Conference!

I’m sitting at a desk in my hotel room at the Omni here in Dallas, Texas. My room is comfortably cool, yet when I walk outside it is oppressively hot. Several team members have arrived while some are waiting in airports or airplanes. Excitement is rising in the air. We’ve seen so many people from our Zurvita family so far. Lots of hugs, squeals of excitement, and hearts connecting. I’m so looking forward to what this weekend has in store for all of us.

What do we expect to get out of it? What do we expect to contribute to it? How can we add value to the people around us? Who can we build relationship with? How can I help my team become who they dream to be? I have so many thoughts and questions as I sit here.

For now, I’m going to venture out into the halls of this hotel and find more people to love on!