Lennox and I were lying in bed one evening as I took a journey back through my blog glancing at every post in the month of June dating back to 2009.

I laughed aloud as I read quotes from “my one friend” aka Lennox. Haha!  I remember him asking me, “Who are the men in your life that fight for you?” I didn’t know what he meant so he said, “How do I fight for you? I give voice to your needs before God. Intercession, lost art of the warrior. You will also know that a man fights for you when he speaks Gods word over you. In order to recognize that, you’ll need to know God’s word to you.”  Wow, eh?! One of the things I admired most about him then and love about him now is how he is faithful to encourage me to turn my eyes to God and His Word.

Lennox fought for me then in his role as my friend. Now he fights for me as his wife and I fight for him.  He’s my champion and I’m his. We’re each other’s biggest fans!


One day at church we sang Amazed by Lincoln Brewster. As we were singing a picture came to me in the form of storyboards like for a movie. This is what I wrote about it back then:

The background is white, the drawings are rendered in charcoal. The people are in stick figures. First scene: Tight shot. The setting is a battle field. There I am in a fetal position in the center of the battle. There is a sword and a shield lying next to me. My eyes are tightly shut. My friend is standing next to me brandishing a sword in his right hand. In his left is a shield that is over me. Next scene. A bit wider angle. There is a battle raging. I open my eyes and see the destruction. I am scared. I will not move. My friend is still standing over me speaking to me, but he is listening to someone he calls the Captain. He’s passing the Captain’s words on to me since I can’t seem to hear the Captain clearly. Next scene: Wider angle. The Captain is dancing around us and He is singing. I incline my ear. I still can’t quite hear him. My eyes are on the battle. My friend is still talking to me and telling me to look to the Captain. I am not in such a tight ball, but I am still lying on the field. Next scene: My hands are slowly reaching out to my sword and shield. I am beginning to hear the Captain for myself. So I listen more intently. Next scene: I am on my knees, still clutching my weapon. I am watching the Captain and listening. My friend is still speaking the Captain’s words. I can hear both. Next scene: I am up, back to back with my friend. Fighting the battle. My eyes on my Captain, Jesus, my ears inclined to His song. My friend still speaks the Captains words to me and I to him.

As I read through other blog posts from the past 8 years I can clearly see that the Lord was setting us up for one another. We both had so much growing to do. Shoot, Lennox was still in Hollywood until December 2009, I had no idea he’d ever move up here.

Isn't it strange how "my one friend" becomes my husband after nearly a decade of friendship? Okay, well, I guess it's NOT that strange, but it was unexpected.

This picture is from August 2010 or “The Day Lennox Chased Me Into a Field” as I like to call it. I remember looking up and seeing him walk around to the back of my house and head toward me. Once he got to me he said, “I’d rather be watching Stargate, but here I am with you. I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t do this.”

Well, apparently he does for me. Every time I’d get scared and he felt me pulling away from him he’d come and talk to me about it. Every time he’d say, “I’m not doing this again, I’m not coming after you. Can’t you trust me after all this time?” The last time he said it was in November of 2014. We were in his car when he said, “I’m not coming after you this time.” Then after about a 5 second pause he said, “Yes, yes I am. I don’t know why I keep doing this. I don’t do this for anyone else.”

Five months later he tells me I’m the one for him. Today, July 14, 2017 marks 14 months of marriage. He counts the days in his head, I use an app. It’s been 426 days!

So, here we are in our wedded bliss. We still venture out into fields, only this time we go together.