Nearly every Wednesday evening you’ll find Lennox and I heading out on a date. We had fallen of the “date your spouse” wagon for a few weeks and it wasn’t good. When we met with an older couple for prayer and guidance the husband emphasized the importance of date night so much that his wife sighed saying, “okay, we all get the point!” So, date night resumed.

It’s important to date your spouse.

Last night Lennox announced he would be taking me to the beach for date night. He knows it’s my favorite place to be. It calms me. It opens my heart. It helps me to let go of all the things I carry.

As we drove I talked about how my dad and I would head to the coast when it was stormy. We’d always go to Depoe Bay. On the west side of highway 101 there’s a wall keeping you from falling on the rocks below. Rocks that are often pelted with the crashing waves, sometimes you’ll even see the water spout up out of the rocks! I remember being there one time during a storm when the water came so high over the wall onto the road. It was both frightening and exhilarating to witness from the safety of the restaurant.

With all this reminiscing we decided to head on down to Depoe Bay.

There’s something magical about standing on the walkway under the bridge. It was just Lennox, myself, the wind, and the water. I laughed as my hair whipped wildly around my face free of any restraint. It was the perfect moment.

As we ascended the stairs on the opposite side of the highway we passed the place where my dad would buy tickets to go whale watching. I’d get sea sick every time, but I’d go whenever my dad wanted to. It was fun for me to see his eyes light up when we were in the boat.

Finally, we entered Gracie’s Sea Hag. It’s been there for as long as I can remember. As a kid I’d only order a cheeseburger and fries wherever we went. Not this time, though.

I started with a delicious clam chowder. I’m not even a huge fan of clam chowder, but this was really good.

Has anyone ever wondered why we put oyster crackers in our clam chowder?

Then I had halibut and a baked potato. Lennox and I ordered different preparations of our halibut so we could share and compare. I ordered mine with a sweet coconut coating while his was a savory parmesan coating. I preferred his, mine was a little to sweet for me. Yet I ate it all because it was so good!

When the waitress came around asking if we’d like dessert I assumed it would be no. We don’t usually order a dessert, but Lennox asked for the options. Apparently we couldn’t pass by the amazing strawberry shortcake!

It was beautiful and delicious! I think I need to start serving food in fancy glasses at home so it tastes better!

We watched the ocean for a little longer before heading home.

This was a good date night. I’d say the best in a long time.

Now, we’re over budget for our January date nights. The next few will need to be free! Can’t wait to see what we come up with!

What are your favorite, out of the home, low cost or free date ideas?

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