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2016 New Beginnings

It is the evening of the first day of 2016.

My heart feels raw, open, vulnerable. Here’s the strange thing. I like it. It also feels good. I’ve never experienced this before.

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Day 31: End of Month

Today is the last official day of the Write 31 Days challenge. I’ve posted 17/31 days, that’s barely more than half the time. There was a time when I would’ve seen that as an utter failure. Wanna know how I see that now? 

Progress, an opportunity for learning, and also growth in my writing. I have a better idea of a blogging schedule and discipline. I have a clearer picture of where I am going.  

I understand that I have a very important purpose in this world that I’m called to so I will stand up and fulfill it. I’ve learned that I really am not alone, there’s been such great response to this challenge. Thank you all for reading! 

So, am I enough? The answer is both head and no. 

No, I am not enough. Without Christ I am nothing. Apart from Him I can do no good. Yes, I am enough because He has given me my worth. He gave His life so we could have eternal life with Him. God is with me always, whether I choose to walk with Him in that moment or not. Our life’s surprises are not surprises to Him at all. I think it’s always an opportunity for us to draw nearer to Him. 

My friends, this is the end of this challenge. However, it is not the end of my blogging. You’ll be hearing from me more often. Be sure to sign up to receive my posts via email! 

Happy reading and writing! 

Day 29: Dropped Ball

It’s true. I got all the way to day 15 of the Write 31 Days challenge then I dropped the ball. I did write day 16. I just didn’t post it. I could say that it was just too hard for me to keep up with since I don’t have internet at home, but that’s not true. That’s merely an obstacle to worked around.

The truth is that I was tired of posting from my phone late at night and I wasn’t exercising the diligence to even thing about what to write earlier in the day. I had every intention of getting up early and just writing for the sake of writing and seeing what came of it. Intentions lead nowhere.


How humiliating. I’m writing a series on “Am I Enough?” and I totally bomb it. Day 16 was the day everything {would have} turned around. It was going from the ways you and I feel inadequate to how we’re not. I had plans to talk about what God says about us and what we can say about us, too. There’s lots of good stuff to say about this. I know we all deal with feeling of insecurity or not being enough. We’re all human, right?

So, yes, I dropped the ball. Yet, guess what? I’ve picked up that ball and I’m going for it.

I’m back. Here’s the beautiful thing. There’s always redemption. When we feel like we have wandered far from the path that leads us to God, all we have to do is stop and turn around. That’s it. So simple. He’s always ready. Our wanderings do not surprise God. He knew we’d do it and provided a way for us to go back.

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Day 15: The Warrior Within

I watched a group of 6th grade girls in a volleyball match today. Even though they  were doing well I could see their morale waning. I encouraged them by shouting out, “You’re doing great girls. You’ve got this, be ready!” I wanted them to repeat that in their own heads, “I’m doing great. I’ve  got this, I’m ready!” 

Tonight those girls battled on the volleyball court, but we know that life is a battle on and off the court. We can fight or lie down and die. I looked at those little girls and wanted to tell the most insecure of them, “Hey, you may not know it now, but you are a warrior. Get in there, dig deep, and say kind things to yourself.”

Most of all, I want to take her face in my hands and look into her eyes as I say, “You are amazing. Right now in this moment. You are so loved. There is a God who loves you more deeply than all the oceans. There is no end to His love for us and He is so proud of you. Carry on, little warrior girl!” 


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14: Reflection

Have you taken the time to look at your reflection today? Like, really look? 

I looked at mine today as I was winding down my day. I laughed and tried to joke about how ragged I look. I didn’t want to let that thought continue to form. Earlier today I made a comment to my friends about not having much to offer a future husband. I didn’t mean it the way it came out and I quickly explained what I meant. However, as I was studying my face in the mirror I realized that a small part of me does believe that. 

I don’t have long, shapely legs. My hair is frizzy. My eyes and lips are wonky and uneven. I can be moody and snippy. My body is soft and jiggly (fat).  I still can’t run a 5k without stopping. I don’t have much financially and it’s easy to mismanage money. I procrastinate. A lot. I also get scared sometimes. 

It’s so easy to see our own shortcomings, isn’t it? What would we see if we try looking at ourselves through someone else’s eyes? 

So I look a little longer at myself. My face is at peace. Stress and worry  no longer reside there. I once was a woman who was merely trying to survive this life of chaos. Now I’m a woman who is rising above it all. My skin is clear. My eyes are bright. I am loved. I am even cherished. I am a best friend to some and a great friend to many. When I smile at you I am genuinely happy to see you, even if I’ve never seen you before. I love well and care deeply about others. I’m as helpful as I can be. I am getting better at raising my kids and helping them heal. I love to write and take pictures. Both of those are a gift. God is expanding my vision in the area of business, ministry, and family. I have hope. I trust in God. 

I urge you friends, to look closely at yourself and describe what you see AND to hear who God says you are! 

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13-Self Sabotage

My friend and I were taking about why I self-sabotage.  At first I said that I didn’t know, but it wasn’t true. I then gave 3 reasons: 

  1. I don’t deserve it. 
  2. What if I work for it and don’t get it?
  3. What if I get it and then lose it? 

Well, first of all, who am I to determine my worth? I think that a one of the major flaws in this Christian culture we’ve created is that we feel like we need to say, “Who am I but a worm? I deserve nothing. I’m a nobody and this big, all-powerful God has seen it fit to call me into His elite Kingdom.” It’s just not true. happyanimalsSee that Teddy Bear? Is he worth anything to you? His musicbox doesn’t work and he’s stained. A lot of his stuffing came out when I tried to fix him. He’s worth a lot to me, though. I’ve loved him for a long time. I get to put a value on his worth because he belongs to me. 


We belong to the Creator of this place. He has given us value. We are prized jewels. He loves us so much and considered us worthy of His son’s torturous death. 

So then, is it right for is to keep talking to ouselves negatively? 

Next, so what? If I shoot for the moon and last among the stars then I’ve done a great job. (That saying doesn’t make sense since the moon is closer to earth than the stars.) The idea is that we’ll be further along the path had we not started at all. 

Finally, losing what I’ve got. Will I find something good and totally screw it up? 

You know what? These are all based on fear. That’s it. 

How to counteract that fear? 

  1. Go to the Word of God! I like to read the Psalms. I have Proverbs 31 on my bedroom mirror so I see it every day. 
  2. Remind yourself  how far you’ve come compared to a year ago. 
  3. Sleep well. It’s important for our brain Heath! 
  4. Talk to myself differently. Be nice and kind, like when talking to a friend. 

What do you do to get yourself out of the funk?

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Day 12: Birthday

It is mine. Right now.

I have a lot of big feelings and really want to hide. I don’t feel like I am in a place to offer hope right now. Mind you, I am not without hope.

My brain is tired and I keep dreaming before I’m actually asleep. So, I’ll leave you with my favorite shot from today.

 I should title it “The Beautiful Mess”.

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Day 11: Are You A Failure? 

Have you ever failed at something? You tried a new recipe and it was a disaster? Have you ever failed a driver test? Have you broken a promises or made them when you knew you weren’t going to honor them? Do you keep eating the same food and hoping for a different outcome? Have your children ever misbehaved in public and you’re the one everyone is looking at? 

I have. I’ve done each and every one of those things. 

Yesterday I talked about shame. Let’s go beyond that. 

What is a person who farms? They’re a farmer. A person who bakes is a baker. So then, a person who fails is a failure, right? 

Not so fast there, friends. Labeling someone as a failure is a blow to their personhood. It wounds their soul. Most of us would never dare to go around calling other people failures. Yet, am I right in saying that we are totally okay with calling ourselves a failure? Would you call me one or allow someone else to talk to me in such a way? I doubt it. Then why do we call our own selves negative names. When we do that, we’re allowing them to have power over us. 

Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat.

I love that quote. It sounds so ridiculous. Who would slash their own tires? 

I’ve seen quotes about how Michael Jordon missed more shots than he made and was cut from a high school team. Babe Ruth, known for his home run record, struck out more often than hitting home runs. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Can you imagine the ridicule he received? He was going to make a light that could turn on with a switch?!? All the people we consider successful are not there because they did everything right. They’ve just failed more than the average person. 

I don’t know about you, but I want to be above average. I want to be brave and bold, never wavering in my goals and dreams.  I am in my last few hours of being 40. At 2:25 a.m.  October 12,1974 I came crashing into this amazing world.Baby Dar

I will be 41 tomorrow. So much has changed in this past year. I am not longer okay with being afraid to fail. At some point in my life I decided to only do the things I knew I could immediately (or almost immediately) be good at. Consequently I’ve missed out on a lot of things. That’s the price you pay when you choose fear. 

I will call this year “the year of the brave”. Fear and doubt are no longer allowed to be in my presence. They can’t even come for a visit. 

How do you deal with the failures in your life? Do you let them knock the wind out of you? Do you retreat? 


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Day 10: Slay the Shame

First of all, I’ll tell you I was thinking of “forgetting” to write a post today. Just now I looked back at my series from 4 years ago and found that day 10 was missing. It must be a thing, eh? It must be that time when I’m prone to quit. Not this time, you pesky October 10! I am not a quitter of good things! I can do something consistently for more than 10 days! You just watch me!

Second of all, a great big THANK YOU to all the people that have been following along in this series. My heart is that you find encouragement and hope here.

I’ve spent the past 9 days exploring the areas where I’ve felt less than. That’s not a place I dwell in anymore. There was time when I walked this earth clothed in shame and always convinced that I was a great big mess up. I felt like a broken misfit in this perfect world. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?

Around 2008 I followed scrapbooking artists like Cathy Zielske, Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian. One of them talked about a book by Brene Brown called I Thought It Was Just Me.  She addresses this thing called shame and the effect it has on us. I realized I was covered in this shame. Not only that, I was spewing it on my children. I don’t know if I even finished the book, but something new was planted in me.


This quote resonates with me. I lived in that feeling until a few years ago. I don’t know how or where it started, but it settled deep in me. I remember feeling so stirred up a few years ago about wanting to belong, but feeling like I couldn’t. I wrote about that in a blog appropriately titled “Belonging“.

Listen carefully, my friends. That little voice that’s telling you “if only you would have” or those feelings of guilt over things you can’t change is a liar. It’s a big, fat, hairy liar. It doesn’t have any weapons and it’s fairly simple to put to rest.

Simple does not equal easy.

Shame likes the darkness. It grows when we keep it hidden.

Let’s bring it to light, then. Be brave. Reach out to someone who will listen with empathy. Share your story. Chances are that person has a similar story. Tell the story of how you are no longer willing to be held a prisoner of shame.

I saw this quote, but couldn’t find any information on who said it:

Shame says that because I am flawed, I am unacceptable.

Grace says that though I am flawed, I am cherished. 

Isn’t that beautiful? Cherished is not merely loved. Cherished means we have high value. We’re important. We are so important that our absence leaves a void in this world.

YOU are cherished. I am cherished. WE are most definitely cherished.

Ready to throw off that blanket of shame? Say it with me, “I am cherished!!!” 

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